Stan’s Donut Shop

Stan’s Donuts has been a community fixture in Santa Clara for more than six decades. When you visit the donut shop, located at 2628 Homestead Road, across the street from Central Park Library, with its long counter, quaint signs, and familiar faces, it is almost as if time stopped many years ago.

This family-owned, independent donut shop was established in April, 1959. Stanford Wittmayer, the “Stan” behind the shop, was a World War II veteran. He was married to his wife, Florence, known to family and friends as Tina, for 60+ years. Together, they had nine children, who each spent time working in the donut shop.

For many years, son Richard was the second hand to Stan. Working along side his father, he learned the business completely and eventually would take over the donut making and keep the legacy alive. Spending countless evenings and mornings at the shop, he continued making the donuts in the style of his father and was key in helping the business grow.  Over the years, Rick trained and passed along the recipes and doughnut making style to Jesus Lopez who is now the head baker.

After the passing of the founders, Stan and Tina, several of their children are continuing the business using the same philosophy, attention to detail, consistency and care that their parents taught them.

We hope all who come here leave with a smile and a little bit of the spirit that Stan, Tina and the Wittmayer Family have created. 


No frills, no thrills. Just simply the best donut shop in the South Bay, possibly the Bay Area.  They make the best glazed donuts around. You cannot beat it- you just cannot not!! They also make a mean maple donut.


Stan’s warm glaze donuts are the reason there is usually a long line. They have a variety of donuts but their glaze is what they are known for. There is something about it that makes it so delicious.

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